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I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, TX and attended the University of Houston, majoring in Media Production. My "dream" was to someday work behind the scenes in film. Once I'd spent a summer interning with a media production company, I realized that I was not fulfilled in that world.

After a move, getting married, and two babies later, I decided to return to a project I'd started in colleg. In between naps, school drop-off and stolen moments in between, I completed my first manuscript! Writing has always been an incredible creative outlet for me and becoming a stay-at-home mom made it that much more important to see my passion through.

After many, many rejections, I chose to self-publish. The whole process was empowering and encouraged me to write more... and more! I am still searching for an agent but challenge myself to find joy in the balancing act that is being wife and mom while learning and connecting with others along this journey to traditional publication!

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