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You know that old saying "Take it to the grave?" It’s usually used to show how important a certain piece of information is, how deep and dark. If you trust someone enough to share it, you expect they will take it to their grave.

But what if someone else finds out? Someone you never expected or wanted to know? 

Camille had felt for years that her marriage to Nick was falling apart, that the shiny facade was beginning to dull. She assumed even their their tight-knit group of neighbors turned friends were beginning to suspect as much. Finding Nick’s deepest, darkest secret only served to prove things were definitely over. 

Only, now he knows she’s found out and well, she would take it to her grave.

A year later, after the group had finally moved on from the idea that Camille had left her husband for another man, her neighbor Tara discovers a body beneath her home one morning as she was taking her service dog for a walk.

Camille’s body.

As the investigation unfolds, the group begins to question everything and everyone, even each other. 

But who did it? Who would kill Camille?